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Role playing

All RP is done on the IRC channel #stardragoninn on the SorceryNet network. If you have mIRC installed you can connect now!


Roleplaying here is generally rated PG. Sometimes in plot there may be fights that include some violence so the rating becomes PG-13. If you are younger than 13 you should obtain your parents permission to connect. There is no PG-13 material in here yet but in the channel things may be different. The website itself is rated PG, mainly due to some characters' pictures being a bit sexual.


New here? You can check out the maps to take a look at our world. Don't be intimidated, it is not difficult at all to simply jump in and leave all the details for later if you wish. The main hub of our world is the Stardragon Inn, which is an inn carved out of the trunk of a huge magical oak tree. Here is a good place to start. :)

To see what role playing on a chat channel is like, try a search.


Join the mailing list!

The mailing list is hosted by Yahoo! Groups. Subscribe for news, calendar of events, holidays, plot announcements, friendly chat and the chance to influence web design and the world in general.

The list is low-volume and can easily be customized to send monthly/weekly digests rather than individual messages.

Recent News

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2005-07-31 02:57:13 -- Website goes forth and... prospers?

I have requested comments on the website from RPG Gateway forums (in this thread) and there will be changes to the design. First major change is that lists (of chars, of muns, of files, etc) are now within the main content area and not in a separate menu on the side.

2005-07-31 02:39:27 -- Your feedback is needed!

There have been discussions about the storage and display of spoiler information on the website so I have started a poll in the mailing list for everyone to vote. Please vote and if you have not yet signed up, shame on you. It's free and you should be in there to get plot updates.

2005-07-07 16:48:25 -- SDI website version 4.0

We have happily reached site version 4.0. This means we have met all basic requirements for proper gameplay: character database, player database, full linking of media to anything, multiple players per character, NPC characters and theme support. Thank you all for helping out by adding characters and participating, we all appreciate it here at SDI :)

2005-06-29 01:13:23 -- More backend updates

The linking system has been updated. Now files can be linked to more than one thing, for example a picture linked to both a quest and a character. You can see all files linked to such items as thumbnails straight away without a search. See the character Ayumi for an example. There may be bugs so please report them, thanks.

2005-06-08 22:53:03 -- New design

A new site design is up as you can see. The main reason behind the changes is versatility and standards compliance. There could be issues with it so please help by reporting them, thanks. Your comments are appreciated, mail me at corfiot at Thanks.

2005-06-02 15:43:17 -- Thumbnail and upload problems fixed

Thanks to our kick-ass hosting company we are now back in business. Uploads should work first time now and thumbnails are again generated automatically in a reliable fashion. One more reason to send those images you are hoarding in your hard disk to the site. Go on. You know you want to.

2005-05-15 01:04:21 -- No login required

Managed to fix it so you dont have to deal with logins. Still need a password to change stuff related to your mun profile. You can now claim characters on your own. Please claim your chars, thanks.